SPDS JV Teaching Pedagogy

• We, at SPDS Jayanthi Vidyapeedam, follow the CBSE Curriculum

• Qualified and well experienced facilitators, enable learners to grab the opportunity, discover the hidden talents of every child of SPDS JV, help the children to excel in the chosen area and develop them well in all aspects through rigorous, joyous and ingenious engagement.

• At SPDS Jayanthi Vidyapeedam, Howard Gardener’s theory of multiple intelligence is applied in the teaching methodologies so as to encompass quality learning to each and every child.

• Also, we cater to the different learning styles which can be determined by understanding the student’s behaviour, the way they receive and process information as well as how they interact with classmates and the type of learning environment and methods, they prefer to be a part of, during the learning process.

• We offer a quality child – centric thematic curriculum for pre-primary which embraces both indoor and outdoor activities to prepare the children for enriching experiences in life.
• “The stimulating, exciting, safe, academically enriched, integrated- learning environment of SPDS JV is conducive for a smooth transition from home to classic schooling under the guidance of qualified early childhood professionals”.

We adhere to NO HOMEWORK POLICY upto Class 2

We follow NCERT Books from Grade I to VIII

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