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To impart excellent education at par with global standards to develop a community of effective communicators, independent lifelong learners and empathetic leaders, ready to make a positive contribution to the world.


About commitment and caring

To facilitate a learner centric environment which provides the learners the freedom to question, explore, express and learn thereby enabling critical thinking and problem- solving skills.
To provide the most relevant curriculum intertwined with communication skills and social relationships at the core, thereby fostering academic excellence, effective communication skills in learners with a team of efficient empathetic facilitators.

To inculcate a sense of responsibility to oneself and others, self-discipline and leadership qualities among the stakeholders of the community.

Perspectives, Convictions & Approaches

Every child has the right to learn and the ability to learn.
It is the responsibility of the school to identify and create conducive environments for all to learn.
Each child is different. Each one has his own unique ways of learning and growing.
Children have right to be in a cared for and loving environment which is also safe and secure.
Teaching has no meaning if the student does not learn.
Textbooks are not the "be all and end all" of education. They are just tools to make learning happen.



SPDS JAYANTHI VIDYAPEEDAM SCHOOL was started in the fond memory of Shrimathi Jayanthi Kumares who always wished only the best for others. Born on 8th Dec 1958, Mrs Jayanthi Kumares was a brave, kind hearted and a strong woman. She always believed that anyone can achieve all that they wanted if they overcome their fear and work towards it with utmost perseverance and dedication.
She believed and preached that Knowledge is the greatest power and Education is the most powerful tool to achieve it. Learning happens anywhere and everywhere.
She emphasized that the children are the future of the nation and they should be trained to be a lifelong learner so that they could pace up with the dynamic world. She always felt that there is a gap in quality of education between rural and urban areas. It is her dream to provide a global standard education to the children of her town so that the children have a holistic development and lifelong learning experience.
SPDS Jayanthi Vidyapeedam aims for the empowerment of every child towards excellence.

     We value the trust and confidence that you have placed in us by selecting SPDS JAYANTHI VIDYAPEEDAM for your child. We aim at providing a learning environment that includes a nurturing approach, compassionate teaching style, small class size and proven instructional techniques. We understand that the school needs to adopt a curriculum with an integrated approach to learning to take care of academic, psychological, social and physical needs of the children.
    We aim to provide sufficient opportunities to each student to discover, and understand themselves, and face and overcome challenges in life.
    One sure way to be prepared for the unforeseen future is “Learn to think”. Our co-curricular and academic activities are meant not only to impart knowledge but to provide the environment for the young minds to take wings. I believe that Education isthe process of life not only in school but also at home. Hence, it is necessary for the parents to join hands with us to take the school forward. We are ambitious about our school’s growth and will concentrate on events and activities that spurs continuous advancement. We hope that you will also be able to visit the school and talk with the principal so that there will be a successful partnership between home and school. We want your children to be happy at school because we believe that this is essential if they are to succeed. With us Schooling is “an experience with a difference”

    I seek your continuous support and co-operation in fulfilling our mission.
The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled. - PLUTARCH
Greetings to all!
    I am proud to be present myself as a Director and part of the management body SPDS JAYAMTHI VIDYAPEEDAM
    The vision and mission of the school to facilitate wards through education is only possible when the essential parts of the educational body such as School, Parents and Wards put their ever-ending efforts to achieve it.
    By acquiring right attitude, it is imperative that one can attain academic excellence through rigorous practice and strict implementation.
    It is our top priority to encourage individual success of our wards by providing them with an appropriate and balanced academic program. To steer this desirable outcome, wards are always educated and guided by experts to achieve their goals.
    To surmount this herculean task, our school has various academic plans in place. In addition, parents of the wards are welcome to contribute their invaluable thoughts and ideas that fit into our policies.
We welcome all suggestions.
Dear Parents,
    On behalf of SPDS family, I extend a warm welcome to you.
    We opened our doors to students in the month of April. I am happy to say, it is a remarkable achievement made possible by the joint effort of the Management, Academic and support staff. Each and every member of our team is aligned to the School.
“Do not train children to learn by force or harshness; but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius of each.” – Plato
    Our Academic programme has a strong focus on Literacy, Numeracy and Enquiry and is designed to not only motivate our students to be thinkers, communicators and reflective but also to be able to discover their personal genius through exploration and experience. Along with fostering academic focus, we encourage our student community to develop into caring, open-minded, responsible and honest members of the school community.
    Our co-curricular programmes, which help us to interact with people from various culture and strata of society, develop respect for them.
    The holistic progress of students is the shared responsibility of Parents and School. We believe in Parents engagement in various aspects of school life to keep us connected to their aspirations and expectations.
     At the end, I would like to say that we strongly believe that every child is a winner and must be cherished and nurtured with utmost gentleness and understanding. At SPDS the children grow together in the world of joy and fun-filled learning. Together, they learn, share, face and fight the challenges.
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